Skyrim – Writing Inspiration

Where do you get inspiration for your story’s location? I’m writing a fantasy story for NaNoWriMo this year. I have a broken arm and shoulder so I gave myself a personal goal of only 10,000 words in place of the usual 50,000. This meant I’d be writing a novella (small novel). But I was bereft of ideas for the location to a particular scene until I remembered my son had invited me to play Skyrim with him one night and — ta da — my characters had a home!

Now, understand that when I say “play” I actually mean watch, (haha) and I know as a writer that copyrights are something to be respected for the original creator. With that in mind I joined my son on a Skyrim walkabout to get the feel of the land and take notes for my own fantasy world.

I also took some notes from the landscapes of LOTR and the breathtaking photos by Ray Majoran in Compassion Gallery. His photos from Iceland are spectacular.

Have you found a particular game, movie or real life location an inspiration for your writing? Leave a comment.

Til next time, remember you are loved by the One who made you in His image.


Author: Lynne Collier/Author

Hello. My blogs are primarily about my work as a writer, faith as a Christ follower, gardening and my childhood in mid-century England. I hope that something I say will make you smile today and encourage you in your journey.​

4 thoughts on “Skyrim – Writing Inspiration”

  1. For part of the story I’m writing for nano I wanted a post-apocalyptic theme park, and then suddenly remembered that there’s an environment like that in Fallout 4 (Nuka World). So I popped in that game and toured the area a bit. I had already cleared it of hostiles so it didn’t take too long.


  2. Hello Lynne!

    I am very sorry to learn of your broken/damaged arm and shoulder. I will keep you in prayer until healing comes!!

    Also, I so love the example you have been for me since we met!! You encourage me with every email you send from WordPress!! Your writing is consistently good!! Thank you sooo very much Lynne! You are a beautiful example of Jesus’s LOVE. Take care, Alison


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