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I’m currently writing poetry, a passion I’ve had since schooldays in England. Nothing published yet but stay in touch!

Here are my published paperbacks and ebooks.

You can view all my published work including workbooks I created for my business White Rose Writers on my Amazon page.

Goodreads Author
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Raising Benjamin Frog is a glimpse into the world of raising a child who has autism, from the mother’s perspective. Lynne doesn’t give advice or textbook answers to questions but tells her story as one parent to another. Lynne also talks about how her Christian faith played a significant role in how she raised her son and how his faith spurred him on to be an author himself. Sometimes sad and often hilarious, this is her story.

“I would highly recommend this book not only to parents of autistic children, but to anyone who wants to read a touching story about a mother and her much loved son.” – Stephanie N, ON

Captivating Read!

This talented author, Lynne Collier, shares a touching journey of raising an autistic son. The author’s candid storytelling touched my heart right from the first sentence. My tears flowed, and then I laughed and cried some more. I could not put this book down. I’m not sure if the author was aware of this interesting tidbit, but an acronym for F.R.O.G. is Forever-Rely-On-God. How appropriate!

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Christian Suspense

Maddie wants nothing more than a quiet, peaceful life in her small Canadian town but her husband is getting bored with his early retirement and searches for a project that will pocket him a few extra dollars for a trip abroad. He accepts an invitation from a newcomer to the church who has been talking about an innovative business opportunity. When Maddie gets drawn into the marketing group, she begins to see things which shouldn’t be happening and fears she may be losing her mind but others suspect it may be something much worse.

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“This book is extremely well written. I couldn’t put the book down. It’s not my usual genre but I thoroughly enjoyed this book. This is the second book I’ve purchased written by this talented author.” – Tracy, ON

Fantasy Novella

A Nord farmer’s son is embarking on his Rite of Passage alone in a place he’s never been before and which holds many dangers. As he battles forces on his journey through the treacherous passage, he becomes aware of a different kind of evil–an evil that threatens not only his own safety but also the safety of his town. Is he ready for the challenge?

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and audio from KMP Photography

“What a great story! I can’t wait for more in the series! I was right there with the main character.” – Stephanie N, ON

Christian Geek’s Guide

If you love fantasy tales and cosplay, and your conversations with your friends leave others wondering what the heck you’re talking about, I hope this book helps you realize there are many of us out there who have been called to live the life of a quiet warrior. Think of yourself as a secret agent in God’s army. A full questionnaire about Spiritual Gifts and their meanings is included along with a fun section to discover your fantasy alter-ego — cape and all!

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Contributing Author

I’m very pleased to have my short story from my childhood Dancing on the Bus published along with many wonderful authors in Hot Apple Cider with Cinnamon.

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Christmas with Hot Apple Cider

Contributing Author

I wrote a poem about my friend who lost her seven-year fight with cancer, in Christmas with Hot Apple Cider.

Missing You, a tribute to my friend, Donna.

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Contributing Author

What’s Your Story is a compilation of 25 testimonies from believers across the world coming to faith in Jesus Christ. These Christians share their authentic personal experiences of salvation that will encourage you in your faith.

My testimony of how I came to know Christ as my personal saviour is one of these stories.

Book about depression, burnout and breakdown and recovery by Brett Ullman with various authors.

Contributing Author

For those of you who are suffering this book was written to tell you that you are NOT alone. Maybe by reading our journeys, you can begin to find the path to hope and healing in yours.” – Brett Ullman

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'Christmas Stories and More'

Contributing Author

“You are certain to find something in Christmas: Stories & More to delight, inspire encourage, help, or challenge you, no matter what genre you prefer.” — InScribe Writers Fellowship.

I wrote a devotional in this anthology about taking old things and making them new again.

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