Your Write Voice For His Kingdom by Lynne Collier

Your Writer’s Voice for God

Is God calling you to write for Him?

  • Do you feel compelled by God to write?
  • Does anyone say your words have impacted or inspired them?
  • Has anyone in professional writing circles said your work is good?
  • Have you ever dreamed of writing devotionals or Christian Romance novels?
  • If your answer to any of those questions is “yes” —

Congratulations – You just might be a writer!

As an author and Christian Life Coach, I’m often asked about how to get started with a writing career. Here’s a mini-course on just that – how to get started on the writing path. There are lots of coaching tips and I’ve included worksheets to help you through those all-important first stages of decision making and planning, plus a guide to help equip you with attainable goals for moving forward in your new career. This course is for anyone thinking about changing their profession or seeking a solid base to grow their writing.


Do you dream of writing for God? A course from a Christian writer's perspective. Do you dream of writing Devotionals or Christian Romance? Discover what God may want you to write.
Find Your Writer’s Voice For God – click here to check out the course.

Your Write Voice for His Kingdom is now available from my online school.

If God is calling you to write for Him, there’s no better partnership.

You are His masterpiece, blessed one.

Til next time, know you are loved by the One who made you in His image.



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