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Ok, I couldn’t wait until next week.

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Is Maddie losing touch with reality—or is it everyone else?

Til next time–Remember you are loved by the One who created you in His image.

~ Lynne

Book Launch Giveaway

Watch for a Giveaway coming next week!

My new novel is ready for launching. I’m so excited.

It’s a contemporary suspense about lies and deception in a small town. I blogged about it last year in Book Bites as I was revising it from a previous NaNoWriMo challenge.

I’ll be posting teasers and gems as a Launch Countdown each day next week and doing a draw on the 29th.

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And remember you are loved by the One who created you in His image.

~ Lynne

Opening a box from Amazon

Poem For Ephesians

Have you ever received a fantastic review for a book or had someone buy a bunch of them for a study group? Feels amazing, doesn’t it? If not yet then plod on, author. It took me quite some time to get a review on Amazon or have a piece chosen for an anthology, but it did come eventually. Fellow authors have said the same. Plodding pays off.

I attended an online conference by The Word Guild this past summer and one of the courses was a 4-week Poetry Intensive by D.S. Martin who’s a Poet-In-Residence at McMaster Divinity College in Hamilton, Ontario. Students had a weekly assignment to write a poem on a specific topic and have the group critique it. One of those assignments was to write a contemporary poem about a segment of our choice from the Book Of Ephesians. And I’m very honoured to announce my poem was published today in Poems For Ephesians!

You can read my poem here in the e-pub.

I’m very thankful to The Word Guild for making such a rewarding conference available as we all socially distance and to D.S Martin for sharing his knowledge and creativity with the group. And especially for choosing one of my poems for publication. I am totally chuffed!

I’m also grateful to fellow Christian poets in the group who gave such encouraging critiques on my attempts. I’m fairly new to poetry-writing and had many errors to correct as we edited and revised. It was an amazing experience.

How are you doing with your writing? Have you reached a goal, set a new one, or are you busy planning and plotting for your upcoming NaNo novel? I’d love you to share your WIPs in the comments.

Til next time, know you are loved by the One who created you in His image–and plod on, author 🙂


Previous poetry:





An instructor from one of my online poetry classes gave us a list of words and asked us to choose one to write a poem in any form we chose. I chose to write in simple rhyme about the word “contentment”. I find I’m more at peace and full of contentment in my garden.

How do you find contentment?


Children grown

Life’s my own.

Friends are few

That will do.

Birds they sing.

No phones ring.

Flowers dance,

Bunnies prance.

Slow now – good.

As I should.

It’s not hard

In my yard.

‘Til next time, remember you are loved by the One who created you in His image.



The Lead Trout

The Lead Trout

The trout thrashed wildly as it swam upstream, darting side-to-side against the undercurrent and rising above the rapids on its quest to reach the final goal. It weaved in and out of fallen branches, searching for the perfect path. Once found, it swam freely to a calmer place where it could rest and gather its strength.

But the fish didn’t keep going after its well-deserved rest. Instead, this fish turned around and headed back the way it had come.

You see, this trout was stronger than the rest. He was prepared to battle the river and face possible death to get the others through. I saw the smaller trout waiting in a shallow recess way behind where the bigger fish had been struggling. They waited for the bigger fish, stronger and more experienced, to show them the way. More and more gathered to wait with them.

No doubt, their smaller bodies would have succumbed to the rapids and whirlpools on the way to spawn. But the leader came back for them and again started on the path through, patiently waiting for each one to follow, and turning back if one was swept downstream by the current.

I watched in utter amazement as these fish followed the leader, and the leader, in turn, refused to let any of the group be left behind.

We Follow Our Lord

I thought of our Lord, leading His disciples and how they followed His leadership, knowing He was a good teacher. He didn’t give up, and He finished his mission; to lead everyone who would accept, to salvation.

John 15:13 says, “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

Here, Christ is teaching His followers to follow His example and love each other. As His disciples, we are called to follow Him as He shows us the way we need to go. Without Him we would suffer amidst the evil of the world, or be swept away by the deceptive undercurrents. Yet, following our great Teacher, we persevere toward the goal with the assurance He will lead the way.

Lord, teach us Your ways so we may be willing to show others how much You love them.

Written as a lesson for a devotional course. This is an actual event I observed as I sat by the river. I was there for quite a while, fascinated by the scene playing out before my eyes.

Til next time, know you are loved by the One who created you in His image.

~ Lynne

Resource – if you’d like to learn how to write devotionals, email Marcia Laycock at

Song Of The Benevolents – from “WARAG”

A misty mountain
My Throne and Footstool by Ray Majoran in Compassion Gallery


Good people come, hear of the King.

Rejoice with us, break bread and sing.

Dance the merrier free from fear.

For peaceful ones find solace here.

Our town is hidden in the veil,

The King’s legacy to prevail.

His great love is bequest on all

Who seek his grace in Hallowed Hall.

But woe to those who would do ill

For the King is just to do his will.

Hark evil ones with vile intents

The words of The Benevolents.

This song is sung by the people of the Town Of Refuge when they gather together for celebrations and prepare for confrontation with encroaching armies.

The beautiful photo is by Ray Majoran. You can view his collection in Compassion Gallery which donates all profits to charity.

The cover of the ebook, Warag, showing a misty mountain and forest.

Til next time, remember you are loved by the One who created you in His image. Be safe, be well, be blessed.



I enjoy writing the occasional poem, although I continue to take classes to hone the art. Here’s one of my poems from a few weeks ago when we were in the middle of the pandemic and I was exhausted from trying to do too much. I’d been taking in too much information from social media and the news and fallen into the trap of “shoulds.” I’d become SPENT.

How are you fairing these days? Are you too overrun with information and drained from lack of fresh air and socialization? I hope you’re connecting with those who fill you up and not so much with those who leave your spirit spent.

woman in black cloak with fishing pole standing in beach
Photo by Engin Akyurt on



All of it spent.

Nothing left to give.

Words lay dead as brown leaves covered by icy cold white.


Empty soul

Why do you torment me?

I desire

But there’s no life,

No expression,

Only an empty vessel.

A tornado of stories



To me.

I’m not this.

Let me be.

Be safe, be well, be blessed, and remember — you are loved by the One who created you in His image.

Til next time


She Knew He Wasn’t The One

Violet twisted the engagement ring, admiring the sparkle one more time before she ripped it off her finger and threw it against the dresser mirror. She caught a glimpse of the angry-faced girl staring back at her, eyes red from crying and a scowl so deep she could barely see her forehead. She clutched her long auburn hair in clenched fists and let out an anguished scream. Good thing there was no one home.

Falling back on her bed, Violet stared at the greying ceiling. What was she going to tell her parents? How could she make them understand that he was just not the one for her? Sure, he was a ‘good catch’ and had grand ideas of owning his own business someday. He was such a charmer with his deep blue eyes and charismatic personality, and everyone loved him except her. There was just something about him that made her uneasy. She’d fallen for him a few months ago, but now he just didn’t seem the same.

He treated her well, most of the time. There was the odd occasion he’d become annoyed and shout at her, but she could be a bit of a pain sometimes, he said, laughing and squeezing her hand. He never raised his hand to her or threw things, unlike some of the boys she’d known in school.

Was she just too independent, wanting a career of her own before starting a family? Or was it the way he made all the choices for her, ‘being a gentleman’, he’d say, deciding what she should eat at restaurants and telling her what to wear. How could she possibly live the rest of her life not thinking for herself? But was she only being petty about nothing?

“You’ll learn to love him, dear. This childish notion of having to be ‘in love’ to be happy isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. Romance won’t keep you warm when the fire goes out.” What did that even mean? Her parents’ words echoed in her uncertainty.

She knew they only wanted what they felt was best for her, but how could she tell them that she felt nothing for this boy? His kiss left her empty, and his arms were weak against her body. She longed to feel passionately in love with someone, a man who would make her feel like a woman. Was that asking too much? Some of her friends, even her own sister, had felt like that and she wanted it also. It just wasn’t fair that she should be forced to marry this boy because he was a ‘good catch’. Then she would spend the rest of her life wondering how true love really feels.

But her parents were getting concerned. After all, she was almost nineteen and getting to the age when people would start calling her a spinster. And no man would want to marry her if she was still single at twenty and ‘over the hill’. Violet threw the bedsheet over her face and tried to block out the horrifying thought.

She rehearsed the conversation over and over, in her mind and in front of her mirror. Practising her best innocent smile as she dashed her parents’ hopes of a businessman for a son-in-law. If that didn’t work, well, she’d had enough practice crying lately. Maybe a deluge of tears would convince them she would be utterly miserable with this boy if they insisted she marry him. She resolved to stand firm for her right to try to find happiness. It was her life, after all.

The rattling of the heavy metal key in the lock chilled Violet all the way down her spine. A droplet of sweat fell over the tip of her nose. “Are you home, Violet? How did it go with your young man today? Did you get things all sorted out?”

Violet inhaled deeply and clenched her fists, bracing herself for the showdown.

Til next time know you are loved by the One who created you in His image.


The empty nest

Singing cheerfully, the robins swooped back and forth over the garden, gathering twigs and grass for several days. Intertwining every piece carefully and solidifying it with mud, they worked away at their nest until it was perfect. Knowing that her eggs would need to be warm, the female set off to find what she could to make a soft lining for her babies’ nest. She darted around all day with remnants of twine from a recently staked peony and shredded strips of cloth from an abandoned craft project by the garden shed. These treasures were suitably soft and she padded them against the rough twigs inside her nursery, pecking away until she was satisfied with her creation.

robin’s eggs by Mohan Nannapaneni from Pixaba

It wasn’t long before her eggs were laid, protected by the soft padding in the parents’ strong, woven home. The mother robin waited patiently, gently resting on her eggs to keep them warm. Soon her babies appeared. Attending to their every cry, both parents brought worms and tiny insects and dropped them beside their young, watching over them cautiously, searching the landscape for predators and changes in the environment which could harm their precious newborns. Larger birds and an occasional stray cat brought a screech from the parents and an airborne strike to protect their offspring.  

In a few days, the babies moved to the top of the nest and were ready to see the world around them, chirping away as they were fed delicious bugs. A short time later, the fledglings were grown and left the nest, cheered on by their parents, independent and full of excitement to begin experiencing their new world.

I often reflect on my own life as I watch nature and God’s creatures living in abundance in my garden. My husband and I have been blessed with three children and five grandchildren as we’ve found places and houses to raise our own family. We’ve cared for them and helped them grow to be independent fledglings too. I marvel at God’s provision for all that He’s created, especially His children. And even through hardships and sorrow, I know who loves and cares for me most.

“Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?”  –Matthew 6:26 

~Heavenly Father, I’m in awe of your love for me and the way you provide for my every need. Thank you for loving me, Lord. Show me how I can love more like you.~

“How deep the Father’s love for us, how vast beyond all measure…”

“How deep the Father’s love for us, how vast beyond all measure…” (lyrics and video)

Lynne Collier

My New Fantasy Short Story

Hello readers. I hope you are all well and safe. I participated in NaNoWriMo last November and I’m excited to announce that my new fantasy short story has just been released! I wasn’t sure I could participate because of a broken arm and shoulder (spiral fractured humerus), but I chose to do a personal challenge of 10,000 words and I made it! If you’ve never broken your dominant arm and shoulder (and I don’t recommend it if you can avoid it) it’s quite difficult typing with the other hand. Even more so while drinking tea.

The story’s about a young Nord farmer who embarks oh his Rite of Passage to serve the king and the people of the Town of Refuge as evil encroaches the land.

“With all the courage he could gather in his brave young body, Warag took a deep breath and let out a loud battle cry. He rushed towards the cave entrance and closed his eyes, bracing the void and believing with all the might in his heart for that one moment of defiance. And just as he reached the darkness, he heard the wind.”

Got your attention?

It’s the first of several short fantasy stories in a series. The story’s full of adventure, challenges, courage and love of community. It will appeal to older children and those who still are but act like grown-ups when necessary. You can read a few pages if you click on Preview below the cover. An ebook and only CA 0.99 for a limited time.

The cover of the ebook, Warag, showing a misty mountain and forest.
WARAG by Lynne Collier

Watch for the next book in the series coming soon and an audio book of WARAG which will be available this summer!

‘Til next time, be safe, be well, and know you are loved by The One who created you in His image.

~ Lynne

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