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Gifts of Good Words: Christian Suspense

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I’m introducing my new Christian suspense novel Abundant Life: If you see it–does it exist?


“Maddie wants nothing more than a quiet, peaceful life in her small Canadian town but her husband is getting bored with his early retirement and searches for a project that will pocket him a few extra dollars for a trip abroad. He accepts an invitation from a newcomer to the church who has been talking about an innovative business opportunity. When Maddie gets drawn into the marketing group, she begins to see things which shouldn’t be happening and fears she may be losing her mind but others suspect it may be something much worse.”

My Inspiration

I wrote my novel as part of the NaNoWriMo challenge of 2018 after a strange dream started me thinking about deception around God’s Word. I had my own experience with false teachers to draw from and soon found I had a storyline evolving. It was a long process and required many hours of research to make sure my characters were based on factual personality traits. Writing it also immersed me more in scripture which was a delightful bonus.

My hope for my novel

The hero of my story is a middle-aged woman and her struggle with reality as she fights for unity in her church and town. I think it will appeal mostly to readers who enjoy a suspenseful story with a psychological twist. My hope is that it causes readers to dig deeper into God’s Word too.

A little about me and my church experience

I’ve been a churchgoer most of my life here in Canada and in England as a child. Having moved around a lot I attended various denominational churches with different points of view and Bible interpretations. About 20 years ago I became a regular attendee at a church which opened my eyes to inconsistencies and the falsehoods they advance. I learned to question my old beliefs and check them against scripture.

In recent years I’ve been involved with the Alpha course and been able to help new Christians, and those returning to faith, ground their beliefs in truth. It’s been a very rewarding experience.

Abundant Life by Lynne Collier, novel unboxed

You can find my book on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2UbXg53

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