Writing Courses

From Post To Published

Turn your Facebook interests into a published book in 4 weeks. Want to turn all the Facebook posts you spend time crafting into a book that you can sell online? Our method will show you how to turn your favourite pastime into income. Learn More.

From Blog To Book

Discover an easy way to blog about what you love and create an income from it! Are you torn between spending your time blogging or writing a book? We’ll show you how you continue to do what you love and give you a simple method to turn your posts into books you can publish and sell. Learn More.

From Pin To Print – Nonfiction

Turn your passion for Pinterest into a published book in 4 weeks! Do you love to collect pins on your Pinterest boards? How would you like to earn residual income from all the hours you spend on your hobby? Duh – who wouldn’t? In this course, you’ll discover how to create an info book using your Pinterest boards and pins. Learn More.

Write An Irresistible Novel Premise

Create interest in your novel before it’s completed with a well-written premise. Learn the key elements of an irresistible premise, spice your novel up with some unexpected twists and write an engaging logline and story summary. – plus, learn how to share them! Learn more.

Writing Courses for novice authors - Your Write Voice by Lynne Collier
Is God calling you to write for Him?



This course is for writers who want to write from a Christian world-view. You’ll find 12 comprehensive lectures plus worksheets. Each lecture takes you through the process of decision to write from a life of faith, to the how-to of writing in the Christian genre, be it non-fiction devotionals or speculative fiction.

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