Raising Benjamin Frog

A mother’s journey with her autistic son

Raising Benjamin Frog: A Mother’s Journey with her Autistic Son

Benjamin was diagnosed as having autism at the age of seven. Through his struggles in school and social settings, Benjamin’s mother directed her son to seek God for guidance. As a socially withdrawn child, Benjamin was removed from school buses, separated from his classmates and at seven was suicidal. His faith in God spurred Benjamin on to become a published author himself. In an honest and down to earth approach, Lynne invites you to share in the journey of their struggles and victories. Sometimes sad, often humorous, this is their story.

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Reviews for Raising Benjamin Frog

“Some of us know what it’s like raising or working with an autistic child. Perhaps you are a parent or a teacher, a sister, brother, friend. Autism to some, could be a shocking diagnosis. Not for one special family. Sure Lynne Collier could have tossed her hands in the air, become frustrated and shaken her fist at God. But she didn’t. The first few lines in her Dedication says it all: ” I wrote this book because I have a story to tell; a story of a mother’s love and special bond with her autistic child. . .”

– Glynis M. Belec, Author of ‘Hopeful Homer’

‘Raising Benjamin Frog’ by Lynne Collier is a fun and educational read. While there are parts of the books that tug at the heart strings, Ms. Collier has presented her life, as the parent of a child with autism, with humour.

Ms. Collier directs us to her son’s unique personality traits and tastes in music, education styles and love for quoting Monty Python characters. She leads us through her journey with the education system, telling us with candidness what works and what doesn’t. She shares her frustrations and the triumphs Benjamin experienced and leaves us with a sense that more could be done in order to understand this misunderstood condition. We are left seeing Benjamin as a complete person, capable of brilliance and resolute in overcoming personal barriers. We are challenged to look within at our own struggles and stop making excuses for them.

‘Raising Benjamin Frog’ is filled with practical tips and insights that are seldom conveyed through the medical industry. This book is a must read for anyone who has a relative, friend or acquaintance with autism. ‘Raising Benjamin Frog’ can be found at amazon.com, or here at LynneCollier.com.

– Donna FawcettAuthor of ‘Rescued’

“Hi Lynne. I have completed your book; what a lovely story of love and commitment! Well written and easy to read; your emotions jumped off the pages as I read it! I feel like have known you both all my life! My godson has Asperger’s, I have not seen him for years but still speak to his mom who said he is struggling; … he is 18. Perhaps Benjamin’s book would be a good read for them both. I will mention it to her. What a fabulous young man you have raised.”

– Cynthia McCormack, BC, Canada