Benjamin was diagnosed as having autism at the age of seven after several years of tests by various doctors. Through his struggles in school and social settings, I encouraged Ben to seek God for guidance. As a socially withdrawn child, Ben was removed from school buses, separated from his classmates and at eight was suicidal. His faith in God spurred Benjamin on and he’s now a published author. I invite you to join us on the journey of the early years in a sometimes sad, but mostly humorous, telling of our story.

“I would highly recommend this book not only to parents of autistic children, but to anyone who wants to read a touching story about a mother and her much loved son.” – Steph Beth Nickel, author

Raising Benjamin Frog second edition

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The Novel Author’s Workbook is a 99-page PDF workbook designed to help you have a successful novel writing + book launch experience. This workbook will be a fiction author’s best friend as it helps you pre-write your novel, keep track of the details of your story and prompts you to develop it further. Included are many printable posters and worksheets, maps and graphs and more…

“Absolutely awesome! This author’s workbook is so useful and very well made! As described and shown in the pictures, the advice and worksheets are great! Professional seller and fast download! 5 stars! :)” – Rachel, novelist and entrepreneur


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Do you need a fast and easy way to create giveaways and magnet leads? I’ll show you how to utilize the content from your blog posts, twitter feed, facebook posts and pinterest pins to write an ebook in as little as 10 hours or a complete manuscript for a print book in 4 weeks! Includes worksheets, posters and planner.

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FROM-TO WRITING METHOD workbooks are available in print on AMAZON or as printable workbooks on ETSY.

Does it seem like a daunting task to write and publish something and even more so when our main audience is God?
Well, pour yourself a refreshing cuppa and join me on a journey to break all of that down. I started with all those questions and doubts in my mind and I’d like to help you walk through the process easily and confidently. You with me? 

Writing for God - a beginner's guide book, front cover showing a blue hydrangea.

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If you love fantasy tales and cosplay, and your conversations with your friends leave others wondering what the heck you’re talking about, I hope this book helps you realize there are many of us out there who have been called to live the life of a quiet warrior. Think of yourself as a secret agent in God’s army. A full questionnaire about Spiritual Gifts and their meanings is included along with a fun section to discover your fantasy alter-ego.

'The Fellowship Of The King' - a Christian geek's guide to kingdom purpose.

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I hosted my own Shire party and I wrote about it so you could use some of the ideas and learn from my mistakes. There’s a ton of pictures and suggestions for costumes, food, decorations and games, with links to sites online to learn more. All you need to host a successful and fun-filled Shire party of your own.

Author of Speculative Fiction

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