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Hello, I’m Lynne. Thanks for stopping by.

I write Christian speculative fiction and poetry. My writing has been featured in the McMaster Divinity College web-journal ‘Poems For Ephesians,’ two ‘Hot Apple Cider’ books, and ‘Christmas Stories and More’ published by InScribe Christian Writers Fellowship.

I’ve also published ‘Raising Benjamin Frog-A Mother’s Journey With Her Autistic Son’ and ‘The Fellowship Of The King-A Christian Geek’s Guide To Kingdom Purpose,’ and contributed to other books. You can find them all on my Books page.

Bowmanville, Ontario, is my home but my accent comes from West Yorkshire, England.

I also enjoy helping other authors so I create novel planners and workbooks for my White Rose Writers Etsy Shop. The planners and workbooks are all printable.

If you’d like some writing resources, click here and MadMimi will add your name to my Readers List and send you a link to open the resources page.

I hope you never stop imagining and remember —

“Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.” – Charlie from The Santa Clause

Lynne Singature

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Author of Speculative Fiction

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