Lynne Collier, author

Hello, I’m Lynne

photo by KMP Photography

I write fantasy and speculative fiction. I’m currently writing in both genres with a novel about lies and deception in a small-town church, and a short story about a young outcast Dwarf. 

I also enjoy helping new authors so I create novel planners and workbooks for writers and authors on my business site, The White Rose Writers. My new series The From-To Writing Method is now in my Etsy shop. These easy to follow workbooks show you how to write a book from content on your social media. Some books can be written in as little as 10 hours!


If you came here looking for The Complete Dwarf Name Generator, click here and MadMimi will add your name to my Readers list and give you a link to open a bunch of resources.

I hope you never stop imagining and remember —

“Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.” – Charlie from The Santa Clause


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