Book Bites – 1 – The Mansion

The Mansion I really like previews of an upcoming movie, don’t you? They usually get me excited for the release of it in theatres and I immediately start planning when I’ll go. I’m revising the novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo and I thought you might like a few Book Bites before it’s published, like a … Continue reading “Book Bites – 1 – The Mansion”

Book Launch Giveaway

Watch for a Giveaway coming next week! My new novel is ready for launching. I’m so excited. It’s a contemporary suspense about lies and deception in a small town. I blogged about it last year in Book Bites as I was revising it from a previous NaNoWriMo challenge. I’ll be posting teasers and gems as … Continue reading “Book Launch Giveaway”

Book Bite 8 — Calling For Help

Another book bite from the novel I’m revising about lies and deception in a small town church. Book Bites 8 — Calling For Help. “Give it all to Me” was the quiet voice she heard in her heart. She looked up the verse that had seen her through that terrible time before. “I am a … Continue reading “Book Bite 8 — Calling For Help”

Book Bites 7 — The Little Cafe

I’m about a third of the way through the first revision of my novel about lies and deception in a small-town church. Book Bites 7 — The Little Cafe, is the beginning of Tom seeing things from a different perspective. “Not stopping to acknowledge anyone passing by, they hurried to the cafe. Surely, they thought, … Continue reading “Book Bites 7 — The Little Cafe”

Book Bites 6 — A Warm Hug

From My Book In Revision The novel I’m revising has a female protagonist and I’m writing from her point of view. ‘A Warm Hug’ is just what she needs right now. “She managed a faint smile and sat down on the couch, curling up beside him as he pulled the blanket around them both and … Continue reading “Book Bites 6 — A Warm Hug”

Book Bites 5 — Depression

What was happening to her? “She remembered the way she felt back then, lost and alone even though she had Tom and the children and all her friends supporting her. She’d slid into a dark place, one she felt trapped in and unable to climb out of. She’d called out to God but all she … Continue reading “Book Bites 5 — Depression”

Book Bites 4 – The Panic Attack

I’m back with another Book Bite. In this scene my hero is struggling with negative thoughts that haunt her from her past. “All she could think to do was try to escape the crowd and give herself some breathing room, but she was unable to move, frozen in a panic attack. “God help me, please!” … Continue reading “Book Bites 4 – The Panic Attack”

Book Bites – 3 – Sickly Smirk

Here’s another Book Bite from the novel I’m writing. The working title is ‘Lies and Deception’ about a small town church in rural Canada. In this scene, Maddie suspects something’s wrong at the house of their new friends when she catches a sickly smirk out of the corner of her eye. She convinces her husband to … Continue reading “Book Bites – 3 – Sickly Smirk”

Book Bites – 2 – The Brooch

The Brooch Here’s another Book Bite from the novel I’m writing. The working title is ‘Lies and Deception’ about a small town church in rural Canada. In this scene, the protagonist, Maddie, has just been introduced to a new character and is sitting in their living room, admiring her grandmother’s antique brooch. She begins to … Continue reading “Book Bites – 2 – The Brooch”

A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

If you followed my work during NaNoWriMo 2019, you’ll maybe remember my novel was about lies and deception in a small Canadian town. The story follows a middle-aged woman (my unlikely hero) and the local church community. Hence the title of my blog A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing. I published my novel last October. I’d … Continue reading “A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing”