WARAG ~ Audio Release

My first audio book!

I published WARAG a while ago on Kindle and today it was released as an audio book by KMP, a photography and audio website operated by my good friend, Ken Percy. This is my first audio book to be published and is the first in a series of fantasy novellas.

I asked Ken if he would do the voice-over for WARAG after listening to his messages as a pastor of a local Salvation Army church. The story reads well as a young adult book so I envisioned it being a good fit for bored younger teens during a laborious trip–although, I have good reviews from adults who are young-at-heart!

WARAG Audio is just $1.99CAD and Ken has published a free teaser chapter–sneaky, huh? Here’s the link to the audio book.

The Story of Warag

A Nord farmer’s son is embarking on his Rite of Passage alone in a place he’s never been before and which holds many dangers. As he battles forces on his journey through the treacherous passage, he becomes aware of a different kind of evil–an evil that threatens not only his own safety but also the safety of his town. Is he ready for the challenge?

Writing for Young Adults

This is also my first teen adventure and I’m a little older than that, so I did some researching into what it entails. This is the best site I found but if you’re interested in writing for this age group yourself, I’d suggest also taking a course.


The print version of WARAG is available here and you can download the Kindle version here

Til next time, remember you are loved by the One who created you in His image.


Author: Lynne Collier/Author

Hello. My blogs are mostly about my work as a writer of Speculative Fiction, my faith as a Christ follower, and my childhood in mid-century England. My hope is that something I say will put a smile on your face today and encourage you in your journey.​

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