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Are You Writing a Book About Dwarves?

If you’re writing about Dwarves in your fantasy book this post is for you.

One of my writing projects is a short story about a Dwarf, so I needed a few Dwarf names for the minor characters. My son and I, who also writes fantasy, came up with a short list of names for inspiration but then, bless his creative heart, he decided I needed a name-generator so I could, well – generate names myself. I was so impressed with the results I asked him if I could share the generator with you. That started a frenzy of ideas and here’s the result. Shared with his blessing.


Dwarf Name Generator Sampler – Find Your Dwarf Name

Try it out to find your own Dwarf name. All of this is based on names from Tolkien’s books. My birthday is in February so my Dwarf name could be Flin, Filin or Falin.

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Prefix (based on the month you were born)

January = K(i)-

February = F(i)-

March = D(a)-

April = N(a)-

May = (O)-

June = Gl(o)-

July = Gim-

August = Bom(b)-

September = Bo(r)-

October = B(i)-

November = Dw(a)-

December = Thr/Thor-


Suffix (based on the first letter of your last name or maiden name if applicable)

A, B = -(f)ur

C, D = -(a)lin

E, F = -in

G, H = -oin

I, J, K, L = -(i)li

M, N = -(o)ri

O, P, Q = -or

R, S = -ain

T, U, V = -(e)rin

W, X, Y, Z = -is

But wait – there’s more! (I’m making fun of commercials here).


Get the Extended Dwarf Name Generator

There’s a longer list of names in my Resources.

Have fun creating your Dwarf names!

Want to know more about the Dwarf Name Generator creator Benjamin T. Collier ?


Til next time, know you are loved by the One who created you in His image.


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