Writing Fantasy || Setting 1 – Where To Begin

How do you start to write a fantasy novel?

Read. Read. Read. Follow other fantasy writers online, take pieces from every fantasy book you’ve ever read and enjoyed, scribble notes while you watch your favourite fantasy TV show, watch fantasy movies till your eyes get all buggy and you grow antennae. Then when you’re about to burst – Write. Write. Write!


Gragon Rider


George R.R. Martin, the author of Game of Thrones, offers this advice when writing fantasy:

“…stealing from one source is plagiarism but stealing from lots of sources is research!”  #WritingFantasy

If you’re a huge fan of Game of Thrones, Martin goes on to offer other tips for the aspiring fantasy writer at LifeHacks.

But where do you start your writing from?

I believe you can’t add characters until you know where to put them. Feel free to disagree. That’s just a personal opinion because that’s the way my brain works. So before your Elf prince can rescue the fair woodland maiden, you may need a place for them to live in.

 Fantasy Image - sky and ship with floating islands


What to do with all your Fantastical ideas

If you’re like me and you’re a very visual learner, Pinterest  is a great place to start for fantasy images  you can save for future reference. You can click through to the website and read the entire article if you trust the source. You can also create a ‘secret’ board for images you may like to use for settings and characters in your next novel. Another great place is DeviantArt, but with both those places you may find images not suited to you (you can block certain images by using the ‘Mature Content Hidden’ button). Then, when you can grab a minute to yourself, grab your favourite libation and sit back in your chair and daydream of the faraway places and mystical beings on your boards. Or sketch yet-unimagined places and beings of your own!

If you’re not very visual, maybe your forte is to collect descriptive words in a notebook or sticky-note them to a huge office board. Whatever gets your creative juices pouring.

Seriously thinking about writing a fantasy novel? Follow me as I blog about writing my own novel and I’ll share tips I pick up along the way:  LynneCollier.com/Fantasy

(Both the images for this blog are from Pixabay and free for commercial use)

Till my next fantasy tip, I hope you are blessed.



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