My Favourite Dolly

All are precious in His sight
All are precious in His sight


Long before the world decided

We should change the words we speak,

I was a young girl in a different place,

Innocent and meek.


Hatred of our fellow man

Was something I didn’t know.

I skipped and sang, and danced around,

My favourite doll in tow.


Hours we spent together in play,

My secrets she all knew.

She stayed with me a long, long time

‘Till her presence I outgrew.


She slept a while in my bottom drawer

All tucked away and waiting

Until the day I was made aware

She looked like the ones we were hating.


My sadness grew. I loved her still

But I was told to let her go.

I gave her to my cousin so

More loving times she’d know.


I wept at parting with my friend.

I’d hoped she would be a toy

That my own dear children

Would cherish and enjoy.


I vowed I’d raise my children to love,

And teach them a better way.

Thank God, I’ve never heard those words

From them to this very day.


(For my children and grandchildren, and the many friends we’ve had over the years)

OctPoWriMo #25



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