Frequently Asked Questions with Overly Complicated Answers

In Benjamin’s latest blog, he answers a series of questions he’s frequently asked about life on the Autism spectrum. Amusing and informative answers on Autism and Christianity, driving, relationships with other Autistic people, and other questions. Ben’s humour shines through as he explains how he tackles his daily life with a non-neurotypical point of view.

Benjamin T. Collier's Blog

As I’ve been talking with people over the years, and I’ve started doing speaking engagements, there are certain questions that tend to pop up more than others as people want to know about my experiences living with Autism, or just want to get to know me in general. I thought I’d take the opportunity to do a blog post addressing some of the most frequently asked questions that I’ve been asked, and the overly complicated answers that I’ve come up with. Though in some cases I’m able to offer a simpler, less detailed  answer as well.


Is it “Ben” or “Benjamin”?


The quick and honest answer is: either will do.

But some of you are perfectionists and won’t be satisfied with that answer. If there are two possible options then one of them must be the better choice. And I can totally relate to that. So I’ll lay…

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