‘Singularity’ Playlist

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As I reference being Ben’s promotional assistant, I thought I would like to keep you informed when he publishes a blog regarding one of his books. In ‘Singularity’, Ben uses music to draw the reader deeper into the world of his characters. I found the book to be extremely engaging and the playlist an intriguing addition.         Lynne

Benjamin T. Collier's Blog

One notable feature of my new novel is the ridiculous number of songs referenced throughout the story. I’d heard of authors doing this with some books, in order to add atmosphere to a scene. Some readers like to find the song online and play it as they read, listening to the same music as the characters in the story, adding a sense of immersion. The idea intrigued me and I wanted to try it out for my new novel.

Of course, in order to do it right, the song has to be just an optional addition, not something crucial to the story. Otherwise the book doesn’t function on its own and would be an incomplete product. So I was careful to write the story in such a way that it could be experienced with or without accompanying music. I’ve had different readers go through it in different ways without losing…

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