As Benjamin’s Promotional Assistant, here’s his announcement of his new book. I’m very excited for him. It’s a great book, and had me riveted from start to finish!

Benjamin T. Collier's Blog

Singularity cover jpeg

I’m so excited to have this new book published!

Singularity is my third published book, and second novel. It’s quite a switch from my first novel as it is set in the Science Fiction genre. I’ve been interested in Space Exploration Mysteries since I was a child watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. I’ve long wanted to try my hand at it.

The process of writing and publishing this book was an interesting one. I had planned for something like three years that in 2015 I would publish a particular book, then in the middle of last year my priorities changed, and I knew the book that I had already written would have to be postponed at least another year. But it would mean waiting three years or more between my last book and my next book. I wasn’t comfortable with that, and wanted to have something to offer…

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